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Write my e-book!  
Job Description
Client: anupam
Client Location: India, Westbengal
Budget: $300.00-$400.00
Proposal Received: 5 Proposals
Posted: 08/26/2009 04:55:36
Proposal Accepted Until:
(Ends: 2009-10-01 05:02:43)

I want to write an e-book - which is going to be based around posts on an internet forum. The book will be on leadership.

The ebook will consist of 101 posts (although more posts will be supplied)

What I require is:

1. combining posts into relevant groupings - eg working with others, leading the team, presenting, stop doing etc.
2. provide more content around the various posts
3. combine into an e-book - with chapters etc.

Thank you!
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Job Details:
Job Id: 50
Category: ASP.Net
Desired Skills: MYSQL, PHP, SQLSERVEr
Job Type: Hourly Jobs
Preferred Job Location: India, Kolkata
Use Escrow? Yes
Job Start Date: 2009-10-26 05:02:43
Job posting Visibility: Yes
Seal Proposals: No
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Silvia Infotech Portfolio
United States, dfgdfg $300.00 No Recent Feedback
Esoft Solutions Portfolio
United States, ererwer $200.00 100% Positive
2 reviews
$312.00 Earnings
WebSolutions Portfolio
Bahamas, fhghg $200.00 No Recent Feedback
suman Portfolio
India, West Bengal $350.00 No Recent Feedback
, $0.00 No Recent Feedback