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Engagement Photography in Belfast and Northern Ireland

Which kind of portrait photography do you prefer – indoors or outdoors?With Northern Ireland-based portrait photographers The Big Picture Studio, the choice is yours. Our portrait shoots are designed for the way you live, with your enjoyment as the focus of the whole experience, and a series of stunning pictures that truly capture the essence of you.

Now, get the kettle on and we’ll tell you how it works. No, seriously - we don’t just walk in and start taking pictures. Instead, we’ll spend some time with you, just sitting and getting to know you. The shoot is all about you, so we want your ideas and input. Tell us what you’d like to see in your photographs, and we’ll create it for you!

We’ll never drag you to a stuffy studio, get you to take your shoes and socks off, and tell you to strike a dozen poses in an hour before our next client arrives. With The Big Picture Studio, you’ll have the time and space to be genuinely relaxed, and to express yourselves naturally.

So what’s with the outdoor photography?It’s simple, really - there’s no bigger or better studio than the great outdoors. Where’s your favourite place?Where do you love to be?Take us there! Whether it’s in town, at the park or even by the sea, we make every portrait shoot - no matter where it takes place in Belfast or across Northern Ireland - a relaxed, fun, family experience that you’ll laugh and reminisce about for years to come. And of course, you’ll have a selection of fresh and intimate photographic memories to bring the experience alive again and again.

Of course, it doesn’t have to be all outdoors, as an indoor shoot is a great way to create a sense of home. Your pictures will be taken against a familiar backdrop, in the heart of family life, with you and your loved ones surrounded by your favourite things. You could even combine the indoor and outdoor elements for a rich and diverse experience.

After the shoot, we won’t ask you to visit us to see your images, and there certainly won’t be any salespeople involved (did we mention that we’re not like other photography studios?).Instead, we’ll come to you, to present your images in the comfort of your home and discuss the many stunning ways they can be displayed. Whatever you choose, you’ll always be able to rely on the quality of the images, and the first-class presentation.

But what if you don’t like the pictures?Simple - you don’t pay a penny. This is our guarantee and our promise to you.


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